Non-NHS/Private Services

non_nhs_services1The practice provides private medical services, such as full medical reports for insurance purposes, completion of health or travel insurance claim forms, confirmation of fitness to travel, perform or take part in particular activities etc. 

Please note that completion of Water Forms is outside the scope of NHS Services and as such a charge of £50.00 is payable for these forms. 

All of these services are outside the scope of the NHS General Medical Services Contract, and all respective fees are therefore payable by the patient.  A fee list is on display at Reception.

If you require any private work to be undertaken, please make enquiries at reception.  Our Administration Team co-ordinates all private work and will advise you on the cost before the work is undertaken.  Payment of all fees are due prior to any private work being undertaken. 

Please note that, regardless of any circumstances, we DO NOT countersign Passport Application Forms. 

We DO NOT undertake any form of Firearms certification or provide any assessments to the suitability of such certificates or licences nor will we be involved in any aspect of the application process other than to provide a factual printout of the patient records, on application by the patient and provided to the patient themselves.  This is in line with the conscientious objection of the Partners to the holding of firearms.

WE DO NOT undertake Blue Badge applications.

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